Short Torso Vs. Long Torso During Pregnancy – Does Torso Size Matter?

Having a long torso is more beneficial than a short torso because it helps have a smoother pregnancy experience. Those with longer torsos have more space for the baby to grow upwards, resulting in a smaller bump. With a short torso, the baby has lesser room to grow upwards, so it takes more space growing outwards. This results in a protruding bump that comes on early and keeps on growing as entering the third trimester. This can be uncomfortable for the mother, and this pregnancy is also shorter. Torso size isn’t the only thing affecting baby bump size, but it does affect some. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful time where the mother feels the joy of their baby kicking for the first time and several other firsts.

It also brings with it changes in the expecting mother’s body. Mothers tend to become overjoyed as soon as the little bump starts showing. But it also makes them curious as the fetus grows.

One mother might have a more giant belly at 5 months pregnant than another who looks like she’s in the early stage of pregnancy but is 8 months pregnant.

Women also tend to compare their belly size at certain months with other women and wonder if their baby is growing well in their bellies.

While growth can be a concern due to a smaller or bigger belly, it has more to do with a shorter or a longer torso. Women’s torso can affect the size of the pregnant belly and make it look more prominent for some and smaller for others.

Let’s see how your torso size affects the size and shape of your bump.

Bigger bump vs. smaller bump

A pregnant woman is showing her baby bump

Mothers tend to do the most when it comes to their first baby.

From marking the first time the belly starts showing to being excited about feeling movement in their belly, every moment seems magical.

They also tend to compare their pregnant belly size at different months. Some women might feel their bump is too big for their current month, and others think it’s too small. 

However much you think size does matter. But is it something to be worried about?

Not so much, because science backs it up that a woman’s torso’s size can undoubtedly reveal a more significant or a more minor bump.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short but what’s important is if you have a longer or a short torso.

Does torso size matter?

The longer your torso, the more space baby has to grow upwards, making your bump look more elongated in size.

And if you have a shorter torso, the lesser space baby can take to grow upwards between the pelvis and ribs, and they end up taking space forward.

This makes your bump look more extensive and more outward.

Just because you have a shorter torso doesn’t mean you should worry about your baby not being able to have enough space to grow.

Women with longer and shorter torsos can both have healthy pregnancies.

But the longer your torso is, the more slender of a pregnancy you can expect. The uterus stays narrow, creating a more minor bump.

Even when you reach the 8th month of pregnancy, you might not have a big-looking bump, and it might seem you’re still in your second trimester.

Women with shorter torsos tend to have bigger and more protruding bumps, growing bigger with each passing month.

They gain more in their hips and around the waist, and they might have shorter pregnancies and give birth earlier. 

The shorter torso can lead to an uncomfortable pregnancy as women enter the third trimester, and it can also make your labor arrive early

If you suspect having a short torso, you should constantly be in touch with your doctor regarding the baby’s development. They will monitor if everything is going smoothly.

When you plan to have a second baby, consider waiting 1.5 to 2 years before trying to get pregnant. 

Torso seems to play an essential role in being curious about the size of the bump. But it’s not the only factor that affects the bump size!

Other factors affecting bump size

There’re several other factors to consider when it comes to the bump size.

1. Genetics

Genetics plays a vital role in determining bump size.

If the baby has tall parents, that baby too will be longer in size and possess the same genetics. If both parents are average size, the baby will also be petite and not very long. 

Women probably won’t face any issues with a longer torso if the baby is longer in size, but a woman with a shorter torso might be miserable in her pregnancy.

This is why genetics can play a crucial role.

2. Fitter pregnancy

Maintaining an ideal weight is essential for your body after pregnancy and your baby.

A pregnant woman is doing yoga to stay fit and healthy during her pregnancy period

Being athletic comes in handy as pregnant women with active bodies tend to have a fitter and controlled bump.

Those overweight or underweight can also develop complications with their baby and have generally bigger bump sizes. 

Some women also tend to overeat during this delicate time, not understanding that this is putting more weight on their body and the belly, most of which is fat due to overeating. 

Even if you have a short torso but maintain your weight, especially in your abdominal area, you can have a more effortless experience with pregnancy than a woman on the heavier side.

A tight abdomen plays a crucial role in the size of the bump, irrespective of a long or short torso.  

3. First vs. second pregnancy

During their first pregnancy, women tend to have a smaller bump than the second or third one, and this is because of abdominal muscles and pregnancy hormones.

A toddler boy is kissing his mom's pregnant belly

The hormones might cause swelling or bloat in the lower abdomen, which is more apparent in the second or third pregnancy. 

And the abdominal muscles become loose after the first child. If you don’t take care of yourself, your bump will be more prominent in the subsequent pregnancy, irrespective of a short or long torso. 


Is pregnancy easier with a long torso?

Having a long torso means having more space for the baby to grow upwards than outwards.

It can imply that women with this torso can have a smaller bump than women with a short torso. 

But not everything depends on the torso, and there are other factors such as weight, genetics, and first pregnancy to consider.

A woman with a long torso but overweight can also have a difficult pregnancy. But having a long torso benefits women in the third trimester as the baby has more space to move without causing problems for them. 

Does a short torso affect pregnancy?

Having a short torso can result in a difficult pregnancy.

According to research published in PLOS Medicine in august 2015, shorter women tend to have difficulties in pregnancies.

The baby is usually born with low birth weight and length, and the period of pregnancy is also shorter. 

Taller women can also have shorter torsos, resulting in the same effect. The baby grows in size more outwardly, emphasizing a more significant bump. 

A shorter woman with a longer torso can go through the whole process of pregnancy more smoothly. 

Why do I have ab shaped baby bump?

When there’s a crease or waistband in the middle of the baby bump, the belly appears to be divided into a top and bottom half, then it’s known as a B belly. 

B belly in pregnancy is more common in people with more weight, and it doesn’t matter if they have a longer or a shorter torso. Many other factors play in forming a B belly, such as height, weight, and muscle and bone structure. 

A B belly also makes people conscious of their belly size and shape because in mainstream media, what they promote is a well-rounded pregnant belly.

B belly shape doesn’t mean you don’t have a normal and healthy pregnancy. 

To summarise

Pregnancy is also an emotional roller coaster ride. You can feel so happy yet sad over small things during this wonderful journey. One thing that matters a lot to mothers is their baby bump size.

While it can indicate some issues with the baby and help identify the doctor if the growth spurt of the fetus is expected.

It also varies depending on the torso size of a person. A person with a longer torso will have a more comfortable pregnancy than those with a shorter torso.

Taller women can have short torso pregnancies, too need to have constant check-ups to ensure their baby is growing okay and how and when to have the baby.

The pregnancy is usually short-term, but you shouldn’t face issues with constant monitoring. 

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