How To Crack Your Lower Back While Pregnant (4+ Methods For Pregnancy Back Pain Relief)

Stretching on the floor, standing, or using a fitness ball are some safe ways of cracking your lower back while pregnant. Some moms may also find doing yoga or lying on hard roller foam helpful in alleviating pregnancy back pains. Twisting your lower back is safe as long as you exercise caution in doing so. If you want professional help, you may try enrolling in a chiropractor who specializes in prenatal care. Otherwise, you can try simple exercises to relieve your tired lower body and hear that delicious crunch while stretching. 

This post will give you some basic exercises and steps for safely cracking your back while pregnant.

Light exercises are essential to get moms ready for delivery. But please be cautious and do not perform any strenuous activity, if possible.

Perform these exercises in moderation and avoid stringent physical activity, especially if you notice worsening pain or bleeding. 

How to crack your lower back while pregnant

As the pregnancy goes on, moms do not only go through the burden of physical changes.

Because along with those changes and weight gain, the pregnancy will take a toll on your bones and muscles.

Your lower body will strain too hard to support the pregnancy. That is why all too often, soreness is inevitable. 

But don’t fret, tired momma. Sometimes, all you need is a good stretch and some back cracking to relieve the tiredness. Here are some of the safe ways you can try on the floor for your lower back. 

1. Standing pelvic tilt

One of the quickest ways of cracking your back is stretching your body while standing.

You can do this anywhere you feel like stretching your stiff lower back joints. 

  1. Stand with your back straight at the wall and keep your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  2. Slowly push the arch of your back towards the wall and hold the position for a few seconds.
  3. Return to the starting position and repeat the step for about ten repetitions.

2. Lower back stretch

Here is another easy way of cracking your lower back for instant relaxation. 

A pregnant woman is doing a lower back stretch on her yoga mat to relieve her back pain
  1. Start with your hands and knees resting on the floor and your head in line with your back.
  2. Slowly pull in your stomach and round your back slightly. 
  3. Hold the position for a few seconds before relaxing your stomach. Keep your back as flat as possible, and don’t let it sag. 
  4. Gradually repeat the process to no more than ten repetitions.

3. Backward stretch

For the next exercise, you may use a small pillow to support your stomach if you want. 

  1. Plant your hands and knees firmly on the floor, with your arms straight and level with the shoulders. Position your knees wide apart. 
  2. Slowly curl and lower your body back to your heels as far as comfortable as you can.
  3. Tuck your head towards your knees and extend your arms forward. 
  4. Hold the position for several seconds before returning to the starting position. 
  5. You may repeat the exercise for up to 10 repetitions.

4. Lower back rotation

A simple torso rotation will also bring your upper and lower back relief and relaxation.

A pregnant woman is doing a lower back rotation while sitting on her yoga mat
  1. Start the exercise by sitting on the floor and crossing your legs.
  2. Hold your right foot with your left hand and move your right hand slowly behind you. 
  3. Twist your upper body to the right and hold the position for several seconds. 
  4. Switch hands and repeat on the other side.
  5. Work your way gradually for up to 10 repetitions on both sides. 

Other ways of relieving back pains in pregnancy

Your growing belly and daily physical activities trigger joint and back pains. While it is normal and harmful, it is also a little uncomfortable for most moms.

A pregnant woman is using a large fitness ball to lay on and stretch to get some back pain relief

Simple stretching can do you good, or you may try some of these additional tips:

Is it safe to crack your back while pregnant?

Twisting your back is generally safe as long as you are not overdoing it.

Be cautious in doing so, and if you notice pain while trying to crack your back, stop the procedure immediately.

Cracking your back should not hurt, and if it does, it may indicate that you are overdoing it. 

Back pain is inevitable in every pregnancy. Aside from the physical and weight changes, hormonal change also contributes to its strain.

For once, the body releases relaxin, a hormone that loosens and relaxes the muscles and ligaments in preparation for delivery.

While it is essential in the later phase of the pregnancy, it may cause instability and pain in earlier stages. 


Is chiropractic manipulation safe for lower back pain in pregnancy?

Spine manipulation is only safe when done by a trained professional or a licensed chiropractor.

Before engaging in a chiropractic service, talk to your doctor for advice, especially if you have a difficult pregnancy. 

Is acupuncture safe in pregnancy?

Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles at various points in the body to relieve pain.

This Chinese method of treatment may cure pregnancy back pains. But again, it is best to check with your healthcare provider before trying.

Is prenatal yoga effective against pregnancy back pain?

Yes, mindful breathing exercises may help tackle physical pain in pregnancy. It not only helps moms improve their posture but also tones the mind and body.

It is an essential process to prepare moms for the whole ordeal of birthing the baby. If you want to try yoga, look for programs with instructors specifically trained in prenatal yoga.

A pregnant woman is doing yoga while sitting on the floor


Alleviating the strained joints during pregnancy is easier managed by cracking the back. Some simple exercises can provide relief and make the pain more bearable.

Back pains are unavoidable but keeping constant movement, light exercises, and harmless stretching will work.

If you are having trouble with painful, recurring, or worsening back pain, contact your physician. It can be a sign of early labor or other underlying condition that only your doctor can diagnose.

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